Zazzle How-To: Getting and Using Images
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This time, our topic is where to get free images you can use in making your Zazzle products.

Those of us who are not "artists" know the difficulty of finding free commercially-licensed images. Our eBook More Products, Less Time lists a good many resources.

New to the free image resource list: WeGraphics.

WeGraphics has many quality free images you can use in your Zazzle Shop. Vector graphics, patterns, brushes and more. Plus, their license agreement states in plain English that you can use their images to make products. (Be sure to read it yourself).
WeGraphics shirt

Here is a personalized shirt we made from one of their free vintage sign vectors. It sold within 24 hours!

WeGraphics also has a great many images for sale at very reasonable prices. Or you can get unlimited access to all their images for as little as $7. That's what got us in the door. After giving it some thought and looking through all the image collections, we chose a one-year non-renewing membership for $69. With a year of access, we won't have to rush downloading images. There are so many!

Image sourcing is challenging and complicated. Sara Jane Bennet's very comprehensive new eBook, Public Domain Images on the Web, breaks through the legalese of licensing and also provides a list of free images sites. See the description at right.
Quick Tip: Know your image file types and their characteristics. We recently had a question on How To Make Money Online with Zazzle's Facebook page about shortening the length of time it takes to convert a JPG into a BMP. BMP files aren't as high quality, so why the conversion in the first place? Give Zazzle the best quality image you can in order to keep the production and customer service levels as high as possible. Click here for a great tutorial on images. Check out what they say about using BMP files!
Sask River Closeup
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More Products Less Time

Speed up your production and scale your Zazzle business: More Products, Less Time: A How-To Zazzle Book teaches how to create products in multiples, image sourcing, product templating. Analyzes Zazzle "Quick Create" tool, and shows how to automate product descriptions and tags.  
clock faces

Clock Face Graphics

This is an inexpensive package of 35 transparent clock faces that we purchased and we're glad we did. We immediately doubled our number of clocks for sale by adding a face to each design.

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Public Domain Images on the Web
Public Domain Images on the Web, by Sara Jane Bennet. Sixty pages explain where to get images, copyright law, pitfalls to avoid, and how to determine if an image is public domain. Includes 34 website reviews.
How to Get Started on Zazzle

For beginning Zazzlers: How to Get Started on Zazzle: The Quick Start Guide to Making Money with Zazzle.
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