Zazzle How-To: Making Your Zazzle Data Meaningful
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This time, our topic is Making Your Zazzle Data Meaningful.

Over the past several months, there have been a number of changes at Zazzle that have encouraged shopkeepers to make wholesale changes to their stores. We did. To ensure our products were eligible for Zazzle's promotions, we set all our margins to 15% back in May. Others reset to 14.9% to avoid the 5% processing fee. Now you have the option to go down to a mere 5%.

Do these changes result in more earnings? Do any significant changes that you or Zazzle make result in more revenue for you?

Zazzle says it takes three months for a margin change to take full effect but we're monitoring each month just the same.


The Zazzle Royalty Report really has a tremendous amount of information. If you know how to organize and tabulate the data, the information becomes even more valuable. 


Using our years of experience gathering, organizing and analyzing data for marketing companies, we've developed a sophisticated group of reports that we use to track performance in our Zazzle business. We routinely run these reports for help with important business decisions about product categories, types of designs, pricing strategy, trends and timing.


earnings history by month and year  

This is one of the charts we watch every month. It gives us an easy way to compare royalty dollars by like-month and year-to-year. This chart and the associated table tell us we reversed a three month string of royalty declines after we modified our margins. Very slightly in May and stronger in June.



For those of you who would like similar reports and tables, we now offer a data processing service for Zazzle How-To subscribers. 


It's inexpensive and simple: You send us your downloaded royalty and referral reports, then we organize and tabulate your data into your own Excel workbook and send it back to you for use as you please.



Learn more here.




Sophisticated formulas and data formatting are not always needed for answers. Here are a couple of easy formulas you can copy and paste right into your Zazzle Royalty Report. The first will give show you the total dollar, number of royalties and margin by product type. The second, will remove the ** from your reports so you can get an accurate total without having to manually delete those asterisks.


Royalty Numbers and Dollars By Product Type

product type report image  

  1. Open your downloaded Zazzle Royalty Report in Excel.
  2. Edit the tab with data by double clicking it. Title it "MY DATA".
  3. Add a new worksheet and name the tab "ROYALTIES BY PRODUCT TYPE".
  4. In Row 1, label the columns: Type, $, # and AVE $/SALE
  5. Column A will be the list of all Zazzle product types. You will find that list here in the Zazzle forum (the post is a year old). Simply highlight the forum list, copy and then paste into the cells below "Type".
  6. Paste this formula into the cell under "$": =SUMIF('MY DATA'!$D$2:$D$10000,$A2,'MY DATA'!$O$2:$O$10000)
  7. Paste this formula into the cell under "#": =COUNTIF('MY DATA'!$D$2:$D$10000,$A2)
  8. Paste this formula into the cell under "AVE $/SALE": =B2/C2
  9. Do a "Fill Down" to the bottom row of the product type list for each of the three formulas.

If you know how to sort in Excel, you can look at your product types by most dollars, most royalties or greatest profit margin. As you can see, we'd like to sell many more zazzle_wrappedcanvas.


Removing ** From Dollar Columns


Thank you to motorcycle_tees for the inspiration for this formula from the Zazzle forums.


We don't have that many ** items each month. But some do. This formula will eliminate the ** from your CSV Zazzle reports so you can get an accurate total. Paste this formula into cell Q2 of your Excel spreadsheet for royalties..




Then "Fill Down" to the bottom of your list. You can sum that column for an accurate total. Another option is to copy all of these "clean" numbers and paste them over the original values using Paste Special and choosing Values. 


For your Referral Report paste this formula into cell M2 and then "Fill Down" to the bottom of your list.



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