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Use 3-D text to differentiate your products

Offering personalized products through templates can help you stand out from your competitors. Taking it one step further, 3D personalized text can give your products something completely different.


Customers fill in the custom text window like always and the 3D text changes just like a regular text template.


You wouldn't use it everywhere, but it is nice and easy technique to have in your design bag that might help spawn some new creative ideas.


Learn how to make personalized 3D text on Zazzle with our most recent Zazzle How2 video. You can view it on the Zazzle How2 Acceleration Resources web page.


Clever new designs demonstrate product versatility 
Poker Chip Wedding Favors



Picking up where we left off with the last issue's comprehensive list of new Zazzle products, this list brings it all up to date as there have been no new products in the last couple of weeks.


It is interesting to go to the Zazzle Market Place and see some of the clever ideas and designs that have been applied to these new products: lunch boxes . . . they're not just for lunch anymore.


Ultra thick premium paper option for business cards
Greeting card 8.5 x 11inch
Table Lamp
Pendantlamp Lamp
Poker Chips
May28th Watches
Rounded corner invitations


Think of marketing in residual terms - set up once and automate

We all know the fun feeling of waking up and discovering you made a sale while you were sleeping. Residual income is great. Create once and sell "forever".


Residual marketing can give you the same warm fuzzies. In residual marketing, you set up your marketing one time and it continually and automatically posts/tweets for you.


One of our residual marketing steams auto tweets every new product along with preselected hashtags. Our analytics show these new products get a good number of clicks/views. Another auto posts to a vertical niche Facebook page. We also have a system that auto tweets other people's new products.


Take a moment to watch this video listed under Marketing Resources on the Acceleration Resources page by KidsAndMoneyToday. The video is about auto posting to Google + but the process is the same for any social medium. She has other YouTube videos on similar topics.


Also, read up on Zazzle's current guide to RSS feeds: Zazzle RSS Guide. We printed it out.


You will surprised how easy it can be to set up a residual marketing stream. Once you've done one, you'll wish you had done it earlier.

 Thank You!
Sask River Closeup


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